Leonid Nevermind - Third Kiss
For its Third Kiss, Stolen Kisses received a lovely aural postcard from Leonid Nevermind, citizen of the world. "Crushed Icebreaker" erupts into a tropical storm of Balearic riffs, an orgy of solos, and a galumphing bass line. The A side is also home to the suave "Passion's Limiter," riding a lux and limber bass line under your skin amidst cruising pads. And don't miss the fashionably late vocals! "Crushed Icebreaker" is paired with a remix by veteran producer and personal favorite, Roman Flügel. He interprets the tune as a cool, ocean's breeze, with fluffy melodic clouds floating overhead as the bass line massages out all that ails you. Goes nicely with a chilled beverage and your locale's finest grass.
BNJMN - Second Kiss
For its Second Kiss, Stolen Kisses reached out to BNJMN, one of 2011's most promising artists. With nimble synth melodies that leap over burbling sub-bass with the grace and poise of ballet dancers, "Nightvision" quickly distinguishes itself as more accessible but equally detailed as the tracks on the UK producer's breakthrough album, Plastic World. It's paired with a remix by fellow UK producer Andy Stott, a core member of the Modern Love family. Fresh off his revelatory Passed Me By 2x12", Stott drags "Nightvision" into his lair to refashion it as a gritty, slo-mo beatdown. His sonic gremlins gnaw new textures into familiar progressions and set off sub-bass clusterbombs, daring DJs to unleash the remix on a sizable sound system.
Hakim Murphy - First Kiss
Stolen Kisses recruited Hakim Murphy, a rising star of Chicago's house scene, for its First Kiss. "Infinite Sensations" is rather unlike his previous work, a dark, moody track driven by salvos of cutting percussion that give rise to glowering synth progressions and ominous blooms of sub-bass. It's paired with two remixes from Los Angeles's Santiago Salazar, the UR-affiliated artist whose solo productions have been highlights for labels such as Rush Hour, Macro, and his own Historia Y Violencia imprint. His "S2 Grind Remix" tunnels through the original, finding hypnotic techno bliss in vibrating synths lines. The jangling "S2 Sucio Remix" gets hips shaking by focusing on the tune's lighter side, whirling around chipper motifs with a distinctly Latin sensibility.