Maxine & Cleo - Mad Blanc
Philadelphia-based producer Maxine & Cleo joins the Argot fold with his Mad Blanc EP. The follow up to his Pendergast EP for Material Image arose from a few weeks of feverish production during the spring of 2014 and represent the duality of the Kansas native's sound. Side A is full of gifts for DJs in the form of "Flynn Rhythm"'s relentlessly jacking house grooves and the blurry-eyed deep house pleasures of the title track. Flipping the record reveals the more fragile side of Maxine & Cleo, courting home listeners and after hours crowds on the spirit-conjuring spectral house cut "Mind Is Spinnin" and the dreamy "Proto", gliding on thrumming pads and gilded with vocal slivers.
$7 (+S&H)
Includes vinyl record + digital download