Paul Levack - Lower Wacker
Argot's first foray into the world of tape is a complete departure sonically as well. ARGOTAPE001 is by Paul Levack, a Chicago-based artist whose manipulated field recordings of Lower Wacker Drive expose the city's dark heartbeat. Listeners are immersed in unearthly roars, distant cries, piercing feedback, and a trembling pulse that go unnoticed by Chicago's millions of denizens every day. The B-side "Stereo Mix" reveals more of "Lower Wacker"'s source material but is equally fascinating and unsettling. ARGOTAPE001 is limited to 35 cassettes featuring original artwork by Chicago artist Olivia Coran. To purchase only the digital version, visit our Bandcamp page.
$6 (+S&H)
Includes cassette tape + digital download