Hippie Priest - Gaia Variants
Since its inception in 2012, Argot’s mission statement has remained the same: to promote, showcase, and support American electronic music. Four years and numerous 12" singles later, Argot proudly presents Hippie Priest’s Gaia Variants, the first full-length album released on the label. The debut work of 21-year-old Illinoisan Will Justice, Gaia Variants is a 50 minute long psychedelic journey that pairs cosmic textures and moods with a warm dancefloor sensibility.

Although Gaia Variants is Justice’s first release, it possesses a maturity and a coherent vision that belies the youth of its author. In writing the album, Justice explains: “I liked the idea of writing music about a feeling—or a moment, for everything,” he says. “Gaia Variants is about finding the right sounds to suit a mood and expanding on that.” Each track is a world unto itself: “There's a lot of contemplation throughout the album,” says Justice, “Focusing on a theme or an idea and letting it expand.”
Enamel Pin + Digital
$8 (+S&H)
Includes digital download, "Gaia" pin, and Venus card